At MY ASOOKE, fashion is ‘our thing’ and setting trends is what we stand for. We are all about creativity and versatility, modernising the traditional aso ilu-oke to a more contemporary customised hand-woven asooke designs.

The label is not limited to the fabrics; we are expanding to designing clothes using the asooke fabrics and a mix of african print. We provide personalised services, selecting from choice designs and colours to our clients all around the world with representatives in nigeria, uk, ireland and usa.

Services we offer:

We specialise in hand cut, lace aso oke, monogramming, hand painting, designer inspired, initials aso oke, custom logo on aso oke and, crystalised and embellished aso oke.

Diamond: this service provides made to measure exclusive designs and can be adorned with Swarovski crystals, sequins or designs from our private collections

Sapphire: exclusives designs from private collections, but without use of stones or gems.

Ruby: these are ready made designs and cannot guarantee exclusivity. They will be from our ready made collections portfolio.

Our collections:

Olo-mi creationz

This is exclusive matching outfits design for brides and grooms for their engagement and wedding day. We work with the couple to customise fabric design and colour.

Arewa creationz

This package is exclusive for the bridal train and hostesses. The designs are stylish and vibrant.

Aso-ebi creationz

This package is for families and friends of the couple/celebrant. Our aim is to combine the colour to make the event colourful and full of glamour.


Creative and colourful gift bags, hand fans, pouches, cushions, table mats/covers and chair sashes made with asooke.



Silk cocoon, London, United Kingdom.

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Telephone: +1 617 361 2251

Lagos, Nigeria

Telephone: +002348057708615